Gallerie Watts 09

Having taken 2 years to build my new studio and I am glad to finally get back to making Glass again. I am enjoying working on ideas that address the use of glass in the kitchen as well as on the table. My hope is to create useful objects that are aesthetically complete when they are in use.  That is the reason that I decided to start this blog- to show the items that I am making with food or drink so that others can see what I am thinking about in terms of the relationship of the material and craft of glass and the beauty of well prepared food. Please enjoy these images and please comment in Japanese….  or any other language.



2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Brad Copping said

    Peter, it is so nice to see where you have taken your work, exquisite. To see someone making such beautiful, functional work with glass gives me great hope. I have always loved your sculpture as well and hope that you are still finding time and inspiration to make that as well. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.
    Cheers, Brad.

    • peterivy said

      Brad, Wow- great to hear from you! Its been a long while. I’m glad you like the work. I have mot recently made much sculpture but still working in my sketch book in anticipation. I’ll be getting some time for that in the near future. I have a tentative exhibition scheduled for early next spring for which I’ll be making some new pieces. In the mean time I’m really enjoying running my own studio now that its finally up and also enjoying making functional stuff. There is so much I want to do……..
      Hope all is well.



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